The TouchSurgeo…

The TouchThe Touch
Surgeon Andrew Jones is blessed with a rare, God-given ability to heal people. But after failing to save his fiancee, he shuns his gift. When Lara Blair pursues Andrew’s skill to test a cutting-edge surgical tool, will their close friendship help Andrew discover the healing secret that his former love left behind?

The Touch by Randall Wallace


I really enjoyed the book more than I thought I would. Throughout the novel it was hard to actually get inside the head of Andrew Jones (or Jones, as his colleagues call him) Faith Thomas or Lara (Laura without the u) Blair. So why did I like it in spite of that fact? Or why did I not really connect with them? All three of these characters were wrapped up in their professions as doctors, Lara being a researcher. They were well developed, but I seemed to miss that part that brought them into my life for me.

The story line was well written, and flowed rather like a river, but I am thinking that it could have had more depth, and the suspense could have been more developed. Actually, on second thought, perhaps it just was that it is a short story, easily read in an afternoon. As that, it was clearly a great little book.

Having said that, I am not criticizing the author or the editors…and the surprises were there. Randall clearly shows “The Touch” from the time Jones and Faith see the painting by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel until the end of the novel. It is understood that The Touch is the touch of God’s hand to man’s hand, as the artist portrayed it. Both Jones and Lara grow from being rather reclusive and selfish to learning more about God’s great love and plan for them.

I will definitely be telling others about Randall Wallace and The Touch, and will be looking for more novels by him.


The opinions stated in this review are my own, and this is an honest review.


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