The River Witch – by Kimberly Brock

The River Witch

Book Description

Publication Date: April 6, 2012
Broken in body and spirit, she secludes herself in the mystical wilderness of a Georgia island. Can she find herself in the sweetness of old songs, old ways, and the gentle magic of the river people?

“Kimberly Brock has an amazing voice and a huge heart; The River Witch welcomes the reader to a haunted landscape, authentically Southern, where the tragedies of the past and the most fragile, gorgeous kind of love-soaked hope are equally alive. This is one debut that you absolutely should not miss.”-Joshilyn Jackson, New York Times Bestselling Author of Gods in Alabama

“Kimberly Brock’s The River Witch achieves what splendid writing ought to achieve-story and character that linger in the reader’s consciousness. Such is the power of Roslyn Byrne, who retreats to Manny’s Island, Georgia, in search of herself, only to discover her great need of others. Tender and intriguing, often dazzling in its prose, this is a mature work of fiction worthy of the celebration of praise.”-Terry Kay, internationally known author of the classic novel, To Dance With The White Dog 

“There is magic and wonder in The River Witch, but the real enchantment here is the strength of the characters Roslyn and Damascus. Their voices are the current that carries the reader along in this compelling tale of healing and discovery.”- Sharyn McCrumb, New York Times Bestselling Author, The Ballad of Tom Dooley

“With lyrical prose, Kimberly Brock explores the hidden places of the heart. The River Witch is a magical and bewitching story that, like a river, winds its way through the soul. In the voices of her wounded characters, Brock takes us through both the breaking and the healing of a life.” -Patti Callahan Henry, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Perfect Love Song

Kimberly Brock is a native Southerner, a former actor and special needs educator. Her work has appeared in anthologies and magazines. She lives with her husband and three children north of Atlanta, Georgia. The River Witch is her first novel. Visit her at

My Review


First of all, I would like to say that this is not really a paranormal or fantasy novel. There really is not a witch by the river. Having said that, superstition and hoaxes are addressed in this novel. I address this issue first, because I myself would not have downloaded this ebook if I had not read on someone’s blog the same thing.

I would say that this story is about women relationships and issues. I really liked Roslyn and how she worked through her issues, separating herself from her mother when she goes down to Georgia, and how she deals with and accepts Damascus, the daughter of her landlord. These two are the main characters, (30 yearish unwed woman and an 8 year old waif) and the novel shows their strengths.

Ivy, who befriends Roslyn and is Damascus’ aunt is also lovable, and I admired her for stepping in to help her brother Urey and his daughter Damascus.

The River Witch flowed and ebbed like the waters of a river, steady and sure until the end, bringing with it rich and wondrous treasures, both for Roslyn and Damascus as well as the reader. I would recommend The River Witch to friends and Book Clubs.


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